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India’s new relationship with the tech giant Japan

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The relationship between India and Japan reached new heights. The ties, which has a huge and rich history is growing through a mix of economic, political and strategic accomplishments.

India is mainly focused on improving the Mumbai-Ahmadabad express highway, which will be connected by bullet train.  And also the main reason why India is pushing toward becoming a permanent member in the UN security council by persuading Japan in its quest of achieving it.

But the main hidden reason, behind India not getting the permanent seat in the UNSC is because, Indian is not the only emerging economy in the world. There are many economies in the world presently, which includes South Africa, Brazil etc.

So, if the permanent member seat is giving to India, all the other developing economies in the world will also ask for it. Yes, its simply works like the basic demand-supply market and all the country will start asking for the seat. If the seat is given then the credibility of the position of UNSC will fade away.

Both the countries are running now in the sim to build a superb geostrategic force in asia, which will be perturbated in the whole world. And talking in terms of trade, both the countries are looking forward to the sea link which will help a big time in improving the trade.

The second is the significant progress made in negotiations for the sale of Shinmaywa US-2i search and rescue aircraft from Japan to India. Both of these developments could recalibrate the Asian power balance by resetting the maritime heft in Asian waters, which has increasingly tilted in China’s favor since the beginning of this decade.

When India and Japan forged a treaty to persevere peace in the pacific ocean region in December 2015, the new age of bilateral relationship had begun.

Regaining the cooperation in the Indo-pacific region

India had adopted the “look east policy” and now with the implementation and the result-oriented mood of Modi government, the policy has reshaped itself into “Act East policy”

Earlier before this visit by PM Modi, Japan and India had decided to be the “proactive contributors of peace” to the world. And they raised theor own agenda by saying that n-boht the countries must be the ‘epicentre of global prosperity.’

 What are the things that both the countries are good at?

1.Both are good the sea – trade, naval power etc.

2.South China sea for Japan and Indian ocean for India.

3.Both countries tend to settle dispute by peaceful means.

4.Focused on strategic vision of Asia-pacific  and Indian ocean region.

Japan has show keen interest in India for the search and the rescue of the aircraft US -2i ShinMaywa. If Japan becomes successful at it then India’s strength and capabilities over search, rescue and surveillance operations over the Asia-Pacific and India ocean waters will remain in-tact.

Long ranging maritime patrolling operations can be a huge factor at the negotiation table for both India and Japan.

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