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India is becoming among the top 5 most important countries in the world

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India spires to be a global soft power. The meaning of the soft power here is the father who the child approaches in terms of misery, the coach Anil Knumble, which the captain Kholi approaches in terms of game strategy, The leader whom the whole world takes inspiration from.

India basically want to grown into a country which is a friend of al and does trading with everyone and works in helping the poor countries come up.

There was a friend who asked me a question when I was in the US. He went on like this “The Christians make a spiritual war on England and the European countries, today all the people there are Christians. Muslims and Turks invaded the middle eastern countries and now today all of them follow Islam. But my question is sir, Christians (Britishers), Muslims/Turks (Mughals) and so many other religious people ruled the country called Hindustan. Then whyis it that India is still 85% Hindus?

I didn’t have an answer back then, but I have an answer now.

The answer is that “Because of the deep rooted, historical, vedic, tantric and spiritual traditions of Hindus”

And here are some points to give you the glimpse of the present situation of India on the world screen

1.World's 4th most powerful military

Various ratings put India's firepower at #4  Global Firepower Military Powers Ranked for 2014 - Unlike the other 3 top powers, India has no intention to rule/police the world. Despite being in top 4, very few people worry about India's military that is being built now.

3.Food & Farming

India is the world's top 3 producers of food and the top 2 consumers of it. Although it is the 7th in overall area, it has the #1 farm land   in the world . Changes in farm productivity could significantly impact global agricultural prices.

4. Human Development & Suffering

India is slowly becoming the world's largest nation by population and is a host to half of the world's humanitarian problems This means that helping India grow can solve half of the world's problems. How sweet is that? The good thing is that unlike other poor nations, India is already on track. In India's villages lie the key to changing the human development indicators of the world.

5. Industries & Tech

Indian cities are among the top startup hubs in the world. Bangalore is routinely counted in top 7 (after Silicon Valley, NYC, Boston, London, Singapore & Tel Aviv) and other Indian cities come up in the top 20 too. From fashion design to software and space tech, India is making a mark. It is hard to find a major consulting, tech or financial firm without a strong base in India.

On a concluding point, India is a country while is going to cement its power for a long long time in future. So all this prep of going to the top of the global ranking, Indian is going to outshine other countries and will be a friend who will be a helping hand in the region of extreme drought. Because, as explained before, we Indians have got the core values.