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India, EU sought to broaden bilateral engagement

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New Delhi, Oct 22 (UITV)- India and the European Union today sought to “broaden” their bilateral engagement by leveraging the strength of Indian diaspora in EU countries in various fields.

While speaking at a panel discussion on New Homelands, a senior MEA official, D M Mulay said, “As far as our relationship with the diaspora is concerned, currently we are at a very interesting junction as India is asserting its position on various world forums. So, as India grows in stature, so does its diaspora and as the diaspora grows, it benefits India too.”

Mulay said the Centre policy toward the diaspora has “evolved” and now “we take a 360-degree view of it. So not just the economic benefits they bring to us, but also cultural enrichment. Therefore, we have a more holistic approach now.”

The event was held ahead of the opening of a photography exhibition on Indian diaspora community in EU as part of the diaspora project sponsored by the EU Delegation in India, at the India Habitat Centre.

Three photojournalists were chosen as part of the project to travel to a few European countries, including Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and Slovenia, and document their experiences of meeting Indian diaspora community there.

The exhibition captures the struggles and triumphs of various Indians who chose to settle in a different country, and how their relationship with India “evolved” over the decades.

“This project is about finding new friendships and bringing together two cultures and to show EU to larger public. And, the purpose is to further strengthen the bond between the EU and India,” Deputy Head of EU Delegation in India, Cesare Onestini said.