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India produced another chess Champion who defeated Magnus Carlsen

The focused Shekhar Ganguly

UITV/ DEC 28.  QATAR It was a dream start for Surya Sekhar Ganguly at the World Rapid Championship held in Doha, Qatar. The Indian grandmaster stunned current world champion Magnus Carlsen and held him to a draw, playing with black pieces in the opening round.

Magnus, who was playing with white pieces, started the game with unusual moves in a plot to confuse Ganguly. However, the Indian kept his calm and took his chances well as Carlsen continued to play in a rather unconventional way.

Nevertheless, Ganguly had the chance to win the match but missed an elementary mate in 3 moves as Carlsen managed to draw with a perpetual check. The draw was a surprising result as the average Joe expected an easy win for the Norwegian but Ganguly was having none of it.

The duo before they bagan their battle.