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Indian Ambassador to Mauritius, Abhay Thankur meets PM of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth

The Indian Ambassador met the PM of Mauritius and greeted the honorary for achieving this feat

Mauritius. Jan 24. UITV. Mauritius enjoys an improved status of Most Favored Nation after the recent renegotiation of the tax treaty between India and Singapore. This is what Abhay Thakur said in a statement.

The High Commissioner for India in Mauritius believes that, in accordance with his commitment, New Delhi has ensured that Mauritius' global business sector remains more competitive than any other jurisdiction for investment in the Great Peninsula.

For Pravind Jugnauth, this development gives a good indication of the relationship of trust between the two countries. The Minister of Finance even believes that, contrary to the fears raised during the renegotiation of the India-Mauritius treaty in May 2016, the global local business sector has not disintegrated. But, he says, has seen an increase in activities in certain segments

Here is the video:


Video Courtesy: IONs News