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Indian-American Abhay Patel to run for U.S. Senate

40-year-old Indian-American businessman Abhay Patel

Washington, June 17 (UITV)- A young, relatively unknown Indian-American looks to shakeup statewide elections in his first run for public office. This same Indian-American maybe unknown to the public, but they are well-regarded in their professional fields.

A 40-year-old Indian-American businessman Abhay Patel has declared his candidacy for the US Senate from Louisiana. Abhay Patel is one of the six Republicans to have entered into this race the seat of which has been vacated by Senator David Vitter who announced last year that he would not seek re-election for the seat.

Patel is trying to do a Bobby Jindal act, by seeking high office with no experience at the grassroots level. Patel plans on running as a “next generation” Republican that wants to take the baton of leadership from the older generation and lead the party in a new, more constitutionally conservative direction.

“I’m not a career politician. I’m a businessman who learned about hard work and sacrifice by watching my immigrant parents,” Patel said yesterday while announcing his candidature.

Patel spent much of his professional career as an investment banker raising money on the private debt and equity markets for companies such as General Electric and Harley Davidson. He then returned to New Orleans and joined the New Orleans Business Alliance where he was responsible for recruiting businesses to come to New Orleans.

One of the biggest issues of the year has been immigration. Patel, who is son of immigrants, has some strong view on that. While he realizes that it is not possible to deport 12 million people, he also rejects amnesty.

On his campaign website, Patel writes that if elected, he would stand for limited government, individual liberty and local empowerment.