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Indian-American to be the “Secretary of State” of the United States

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Setting aside their campaign feuds, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley had a "good meeting" here on Thursday amid speculation that she is being considered for the job of secretary of state or other cabinet positions.

The country’s highest diplomatic job, “Secretary of state” is speculated to be given to Nikki Haley. Nikki actually means ‘little one’

Her parents are immigrants from India from the state of Punjab, specifically from Amritsar district. Her father moved to Canada where he finished his Phd in Agriculture. Then later he, along with his family moved to US, South Carolina.

The president elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager Conway, didn’t reveal what happened in the conversation. But he told the press that the team was happy to meet Nikki and taker her advice and counsel about the great success in South Carolina.

Everyone is waiting for the actual announcement. Is she is taken into Trump administration, then it would be the first time a Indian-American will be making a historic milestone for the community.

The first person to be elected as an Indian-American was Kamala Harris. . Three Indian Americans, Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois, Pramila Jayapal of Washington state, and Ro Khanna of California won seats on the House of Representatives, where they will join fellow-Democrat Ami Bera of California, who was re-elected.

Actually it was a late development that might cost the job for  Nikki Haley. The republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who, Obama defeated in 2012 US election, told the reporters that the only Job he would be interested in Secretary of state.

It seems that both Romney and Nikki are in the race of Secretary of State job in the US.

Ms. Haley was a critic of Mr. Trump’s racially charged campaign and endorsed his rival Marco Rubio in the Republican primary. She supported Mr. Trump in the general election.

Speculations about Trump's cabinet choices have been rapidly changing. First reports said that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former UN Permanent Representative John Bolton were the front runners for secretary of state.

When the microphone were stuck at Trump’s face, he said “She is very weak on illegal immigration”. But the 44 year old Nikki is appoint into the cabinet from south Carolina. This will be a strong message to Mr.President elect – Trump.

McMaster said Haley is being considered for several posts including secretary of state. McMaster, one of Trump’s earliest statewide political endorsers, said the daughter of Indian immigrants could provide a fresh set of eyes on foreign affairs.

“It would be great to see how Trump will bring in new faces to run the government.

McMaster, would be named as the attorney general. He said he would focus on drug dealing and brining down the cases on human trafficking.  On the issue of federal law enforcement and the coordination between states, a lot of emphasis will be given.

And as reminded by the reporters, Trump in his presidential debate had said that he would ask his attorney general to look into the matter of Clinton’s email server scandal. The same was asked to McMaster and he replied back ny saying that he would look  into facts and figures before setting up a team for the same issue.

On the topic of temporary ban Muslims in entering the country, there was clashes between Trump and Nikki. They both have ha many disagreements on the issues of foreign policy.

But the pair have built their relationship in a good vibe, as Nikki voiced her vote for Trump as the D-Day arrived.

“We appreciate what she did for Donald Trump in the campaign,” said Ed McMullen, who was South Carolina chairman and a national adviser for the Trump campaign.

Since Trump has been encouraging outsiders in the government which varies according to his election mandate, the preparedness of Haley to become the Secretary of State is a question that has no answer.

“It is a compliment I will always treasure that he believes I have the qualities needed to be a prosecutor,” he said, adding that Scott himself would “be an ideal Cabinet-level selection for any president-elect.”

Let the immigration policy and the much anticipated Trump administration team come out on Jan 20th 2017. Then the battle begins.