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Indian-Americans keen to witness Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to US Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Washington, June 7 (UITV)- American lawmakers are flooded with requests from the Indian-American community to get tickets for Indian Prime Minister Modi’s address to the US Congress on June 8. A large number of Indian-Americans are disappointed by not being able to get tickets of the visitor’s gallery for the event.

“This is a speech, which I would like to watch in person. I do not want to miss it,” said M R Rangaswami, the founder of Indiaspora, is among the few who have managed to get a ticket to the visitors’ gallery of the House Chambers, which has limited number of seats.

Given the great demand of tickets, Congressional sources said at one point of time, there was consideration for erecting a huge tent for Indian-Americans to watch the speech live. But the idea was shelved because of Congress’ protocol.

Indian-Americans from across the US are flying to Washington DC to listen to PM Narendra Modi in person. “I am sure after listening to him, people of this country and Congressmen would realize the importance PM Modi attaches to the India-US relationship,” Chicago-based Bharat Barai said.

Modi’s engagement at the US Capitol on June 8 is expected to be kicked off by a meeting with the top leaders of the Congress. Thereafter, Modi would address a joint meeting of the Congress, wherein he is expected to lay out his vision for relationship between the world’s largest and oldest democracies.

The speech would be telecast nationwide live on C-Span, a cable and satellite television network.