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Indian architect’s bamboo creation officially opened in Queen Victoria Gardens

Art structure designed by Indian architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai

Melbourne, Oct 6 (UITV)- It looks like a hut, feels like a hut and even smells like one. If that’s what you’re thinking the structure that has popped up in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens is, you’d be dead right.

A unique handmade pavilion, believed to Australia’s largest bamboo structure designed by an Indian architect using all organic materials from India, opened here in Melbourne.

The art structure was officially opened by MPavilion founder Naomi Milgrom AO, Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyal and Indian High Commissioner Naydeep Suri. Designed by Indian architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai, who was also present at the opening ceremony, the sweeping canopy of this year’s pavilion will shelter more than 400 talks, workshops, performances and installations over the next four months.

Speaking on the occasion, Indian High Commissioner Naydeep Suri welcomed the partnership between MPavilion 2016 and the ongoing Indian festival and complimented the Naomi Milgrom Foundation for selecting Jain. Suri said that the structure was a distinctive one whose simplicity, elegance and frugal design represented a truly Gandhian spirit.

More than 7km of bamboo, 50 tonnes of stone and 26km of rope were used to create the summer pavilion, all finished by hand, pegged together using 5,000 wooden pins. The roof of the MPavilion 2016 also uses sticks from the Karvi plant woven together by craftspeople in India over four months.

The MPavilion 2016 design employed handcrafted Indian construction methods, refined in collaboration with a team of Australian builders from Kane Construction who travelled to Mumbai to take part in Jain’s collaborative and intuitive approach to design and construction.

The pavilion has a particular significance this year, as the festival has moved the Festival Hub, usually located on the Southbank, to the Toff in Town bar in the CBD. This makes the MPavilion the sole outdoor venue for this year’s Festival.