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Indian Automobile enslaved in Saudi Arabia for 7 months, Family seeks help from MEA

Jayanta had tried to escape in August

The engineer was subjected to sexual and physical abuse by his employer in Riyadh, Saudi. ‘Jayant Biswas’ is the name of the automobile engineer from mamudpur in Naihati in North 24 Parganas district.

He landed in Riyad on May 15th 2016. He had paid 5.35 lakh to three agents who had promised him a job in Saudi which would pay him Rs 30,000 /month.

When he landed there, he found out that the promise was a lie. He and his other friends from Bangladesh were captivated in a flat in Saudi.

Jayant’s sister Ria Biswas said that he used to her call once in a while and tell her that the employer used to beat him and his friends up. No proper was food was give. He also mentioned he was sexually abused by the employer.

Jayant escaped the captivity and went to the embassy of India in Riyadh to seek help. But he got no help.

Then Jayant ran away from the employer’s house. Then that employer complained to the police that  Jayant had run away with 10,000 riyals. The police caught him on October 9th 2016.

He spent the next entore month in jail. Then again he went to the embassy of India, where the embassy people listened to him.

They asked him to get an No-Objection-Certificate from the employer so that he can travel back to india. An NOC is very much required for going outside the country. Those are the rules in Saudi.

When Jayant returned to the employer, he tortured him and asked him 3500 riyals to get the NOC from him. “We are scared because of Saudi laws have a reputation of cutting hands and legs” Ria said

Jayant’s brother, Uttam Biswas,  has tweeted the issue to MEA and the minister Sushma Swaraj.

“If we do not get any response from the government within two days, our locality dwellers will launch an agitation demanding the return of my brother,” Ria added.

Sources tell us that he was forced to work as laborer and was given food only once in a day