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Indian Businessman Charged for Security Breach at LaGuardia Airport

An Indian national was held in the airport in the united states for security reasons

United States, May 27 (Uitv) - Phani Kumar Varanasi, 41, An Indian national has been arrested and charged in connection with a security breach at LaGuardia Airport, which led to the evacuation of a busy terminal at the airport.

Varanasi had entered into a secure area of Terminal B at the airport through a guarded exit in confusion about where to go and had wandered into the restricted area at the terminal on May 23.

Varanasi was travelling into LaGuardia from Detroit when the incident occurred. He was identified by police through surveillance video and a list of passengers aboard the flight, cops said in the report.

The video showed that the Indian-origin man walking past a rookie Transportation Security Administration(TSA) security employee at a desk. Varanasi spent five minutes in the “sterile area” before returning to the public space through the same exit.

The security employee was within a year’s probation period, according to the TSA. Necessary action will be taken against security employee who was at the desk, The reports said.

Rep. Peter King who is representing New York's 2nd Congressional District called for a full investigation and explanation of how the man was able to walk unimpeded past a security guard from the airport’s baggage claim to the off-limits area, the Daily News reported.

"We have to be constantly on our guard, and the breach at LaGuardia has to be explained and corrected,” King said on Twitter May 25.

Police contacted Varanasi, who was staying at his brother’s home in Secaucus, N.J., to come in for an interview where they arrested him in the early hours of May 25.

Varanasi is working as a general manager at an India-based manufacturing firm