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Indian companies are invited to invest in South Africa

Regina Mhaule

New Delhi, Jan12 (UITV) -  Regina Mhaule said that India has contributed richly in South Africa, which is indirectly helpful for economic development of South African generations. Regina Mhaule is South African Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation.
She remembered the pivotal role in gaining international support for the fight against apartheid. "It was India which consistently called on the international community to act on the issue apartheid in South Africa in international fora," Mhaule added.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invitated Cyril Ramaphosa India's Republic Day celebrations to fill chief guest positon. Ramaphosa's visit will be helpful cement the bilateral relationship between two countries. And to discuss about wide array of areas, from political to economic, scientific and multilateral cooperation.
"We join the Indian people in the commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The values that he lived and espoused would continue to shape our sister countries," Mhaule in her address at the Raisina Dialogue. She invited Indian companies to invest in South Africa.
"richly contributed to the nation's diversity and economic development for generations". Strong historical and cultural links between the two countries have paved the way towards bilateral relationship.
Since many years, both countries maintaining good relations, both helped eachother in emergency situatuions. Realtions between countries should last longer for the upliftment of both countries.