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Indian companies are stepped up for restoration of Tolstoy farm

Tolstoy Farm in South Africa

Johannesburg, May 19 (UITV):Indian companies are putting their efforts to revive Mahatma Gandhi’s Tolstoy farm in South Africa. The farm is situated 30 kilometers from South African city Johannesburg. Once upon a time the place has a thriving self-sufficient community. But, over a decade the firm was lying derelict.  


The farm was known as headquarter of “Satyagraha Campaign”, which is now getting supports from Indian companies for its restoration.


“My spirits have been hugely lifted by the offers made at this meeting,” told Mohan Hira, a veteran sportsman in a meeting of Business Forum, which had been called by the Consulate General K .J. Srinivas.

Satyagraha movement in South Africa


The Kirloskar Group is contributing a 10KV generator for the development of the firm. “This is a wonderful opportunity to support restoring this farm and being a part of this glorious moment, so we will be contributing a 10KV generator which is on its way from India and should be here by the end of this month,’ told Anil Sur  of Kirloskar Group.


On the other side, another Indian company CRI pumps providing a pump, where State Bank of India has expressed their interest to aid for the necessary agricultural implements. The other local firms are also given various suggestions on the same.

M.K. Gandhi with Hermann Kallenbach at the Tolstoy Farm


Hermann Kallenbach, a white South African man had been given the Tolstoy farm to Mahatma Gandhi. Later, the farm became the headquarter of “Satyagraha Movement “or “non-violence movement” in South Africa.

Written by UjjaineeChakraborty