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Indian Diaspora protests against forced conversion of Hindus into islam in Pakistan

Indian diaspora protesting outside Pakistan mission building in London

LONDON, Feb 19 (UITV): Dozens of British Indians braved heavy rain and powerful winds to take part in two protests against Pakistan outside its mission building in London on Sunday and Monday.
Nearly 50 people turned up on Sunday afternoon outside the Pakistan High Commission in London in the midst of Storm Dennis, which battered the UK with torrential rain, whilst, on Monday evening, 120 PIOs gathered outside the building holding placards saying “Stop child abuse in Pakistan” and waved the tricolour.

They raised slogans like “Down with Pakistan” and “We want justice for … … (name withheld). They were seeking justice for the minor Hindu girl, aged 15-16, living in Jacobabad, Pakistan, who was abducted on January 15th, converted to Islam, and forcibly married to an older Muslim man, who has already divorced two wives and has four children.

The Hindu girl has now been forcibly sent to a children protection centre following a court order and is facing a legal case for offending Islam, which could lead to death penalty.
Protesters were calling for her release and for her to be returned to her parents, for a ban on conversion of Hindu minors in Pakistan, and also to demonstrate support for the CAA. “Pakistan officials came out and videoed and took photos of us and watched the whole thing,” a spokesperson for the organiser, British Indian Voice, told TOI.