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Indian in Dubai jailed for groping woman

Dubai, July 30 (IANS)- An Indian expatriate has been jailed for groping a woman at a metro station here, a media report said Wednesday.

The Indian, identified only as J.K., 26, was found guilty of molesting a 40-year-old Indian woman when he drew his body close to her on an escalator in a Dubai Metro station in March this year, Gulf News reported.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the man to a three-month jail term followed by deportation on completion of his imprisonment.

The Indian worker had entered a not guilty plea before the court in June.

"I did not molest the woman. I was on the escalator when I slipped and lost my balance. Then I bumped into the claimant by mistake. I did not intend to touch her," the report quoted J.K. as saying.

J.K. contended that he mistakenly touched the victim to prevent her from falling.

"I was using the escalator when I felt the defendant drawing his body unnecessarily close to mine from the back," the victim, in her testimony before the prosecutors, said.

"When he groped my top, I got angry and scolded him loudly," the woman added.

Later, the police was called to the scene.

Meanwhile, the accused has appealed the ruling and is due to appear before an appeal court next month.