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Indian jailed for molesting woman in Singapore

Singapore, Oct 14 (IANS)- An Indian national in Singapore was Tuesday jailed for four weeks for molesting a woman.

Kandasamy Krishnan, 27, who works in an electrical company, has been held guilty of molesting a 28-year-old Filipino woman in a lift at Serangoon MRT station March 7 this year, the Strait Times reported.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Asran Samad said the woman and Kandasamy had alighted at the MRT Station at Upper Serangoon Road at about 7.45 a.m. that day.

When she took the lift to get to the street level, Kandasamy decided to follow her. He rushed in as the lift door was about to close. He grabbed the left arm of the woman in an attempt to kiss her in the lift.