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Indian Jihadists in Afghanistan

Indian Jihadists in Afghanistan

Bangalore, May 3 (UITV)- Afghanistan is a country which is known for its political instability and its fight against terrorism. Since the time of Cold War, one question is still in people’s mind that there could be some Indians among those terrorist groups that have appeared in Afghanistan. 


On 13th April, 2017, US military fired the Mother of all bombs (MOAB) at Nangarhar province in Achin District of Afghanistan. One Afghanistan based News agency claimed that 13 Indians had been killed in that attack. According to the various sources, there are many local fighters as well as many militants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and South-East Asia involve in terrorist activities in Afghanistan.







Mother of All Boambs ( MOAB)

Report says, Al-Qaeda and particularly AQIS, which is functioning in the Indian subcontinent is consisted of some Indian nationals.

Based on the recent history, Laskhar –e-Taiba (LET) has a strong presence in Afghanistan, and for quite some time LET partnered closely with Indian Mujahideen, which is an Al-Qaeda aligned Indian terror group.

The main point to be noted, that the Indian Muslims are facing some problem like Discrimination and marginalization in India. But, this is not the only reason that those people are joining ISIS, Al-Qaeda or any other terror groups.  

ISIS Militants in Afghanistan

Last year, almost about 21 Indians (basically from Kerala) including women and children went to Afghanistan to do Jihad. People believe those people joined ISIS in Afghanistan.  Report says that most of them are staying in the Achin district of Afghanistan. One Afghan news agency told in their report that almost 13 Indians had been killed at the MOAB attack, which had been done by the United States Militaries. But the Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) told that there is no evidence   had been found which can support the report of 13 Indians’ death in that attack.

US  air strike in Afghanistan

Earlier, it had been reported that, a group of Keralite youth who allegedly joined the ISIS, two of them were killed in the air strike conducted by the US in Afghanistan. Not only that , another international media report says that  on 1st May there were some other  two Indian militants had also been killed by another US air strike in the country.   

Written by Ujjainee Chakraborty