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Indian in Kenya: The Politics of Diaspora Indian Women gets it!

Sana Aiyar got award in the US for her book “Indians in Kenya”

Sana Aiyyar, assistant professor of history, has been appointed as the Class of 1948 Career Development Professor for a three-year term

This professorship position was established by the class of 1948 on the occasion of its 40th reunion celebration. Aiyar's broad research and teaching interests lie in the regional and transnational history of South Asia and South Asian diasporas, with a particular focus on colonial and postcolonial politics and society in the Indian Ocean.

Her book, "Indians in Kenya: The Politics of Diaspora" (Harvard University Press, 2015), explores the interracial and extraterritorial Diaspora political consciousness of South Asians in Kenya from 1895 to 1968 who mediated constructions of racial and national identity across the Indian Ocean.

Other recent publications include “Anticolonial Homelands across the Indian Ocean: The Politics of the Indian Diaspora in Kenya 1930-1950," in the American Historical Review; “Empire, Race and the Indians in Colonial Kenya’s Contested Public Political Sphere from 1919-1923," in AFRICA:

Journal of the International African Institute; and “Fazlul Huq, Region and "Religion in Bengal: The Forgotten Alternative of 1940-43," in Modern Asian Studies.

It is rarely that one comes across a book by a specialist in one discipline that is so accommodative of the other perspectives.

The book not only blends rigorous historiographic study with deep insights into diasporic consciousness but also sets the bar very high for future scholarship and writing on such topics.

Every other theatre of Indian migration that the author refers to (Fiji, Mauritius, Natal, Burma, Malaya and the Caribbean)

Not to mention the Gulf and Sri Lanka — deserves such a book.

It will not be easy to write one anywhere near as compelling but we must hope that this book inspires many young scholars to take that up as a challenge