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Indian killed in Oman road accident

Muscat, July 31 (IANS)- An Indian expatriate died in a road accident in Oman, media reported Thursday.

Mohammed Ali, who was travelling along with three other friends, suffered severe injuries in a head-on collision of their car Wednesday night while they were returning from a popular tourist spot near Ibra, the second largest city of Oman, The Times of Oman reported.

"He (Ali) was rushed to Ibra hospital but he succumbed to injuries late in the night," the report quoted Shameer, a social worker, as saying.

Meanwhile, Shameer has been coordinating the repatriation efforts of the deceased's body.

One of the other three co-passengers is in critical condition.

The injured have been undergoing treatment in Ibra hospital.

Mohammed Ali hailed from the south Indian state of Kerala