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Indian-Malaysian teen will win India a Gold in Olympics 2020.

Arjuna Alagendra Sen Practising

Malaysia’s national junior equestrian rider Arjuna Alagendra Sen, who is of Indian origin and his family is a prominent part of the 2.7 million Indian population in multi-cultural Malaysia, has said he wants to emulate his grandfather to represent the country in Olympics 2020 at Tokyo.

His Grandfather is P. Alagendra, who retired as Selangor state police chief, was a prominent hockey official. He had represented the country in the Melbourne Olympics in Australia in 1956. He was chef-de-mission for the Malaysian contingent to the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the year Arjuna was born on October 7.

He belongs to a family of achievers.His grandma N. Saraswathy Devi is the immediate past president of the International Federation of Women Lawyers, a post she held for three years from 2002 – 2005. Puan Sri is presently the parliamentarian of the International Federation of Women Lawyers. His mother Rajee Alagendra is also his manager.

She believes that Arjuna’s achievements in horse riding has also made him more sure of himself, Rajee, a lawyer by profession, told The Star newspaper.

Arjuna is also a keen drummer, runs, swims and plays tennis, golf, and chess.

For now, the family is in Christmas mood after Arjuna won the Bukit Kiara Christmas Equestrian Show in Kuala Lumpur on December 10-11 this year. He won first prize for show-jumping in the 100cm and 110cm height categories, and second place in the novice dressage event. He got his two competitive horses draped up for Christmas.

Show-jumper Zerex, a ten-year-old Dutch warmblood gelding; and former racehorse Tiger Lady, a nine-year-old thoroughbred mare were used for dressage.

Mother Rajee added colour to the occasion by being dressed as a Santarina, to prop up the Christmas mood, New Straits Times reported.

Yes, I think he is the Champion that Indian is looking for, to win us a gold medal at the Olympic games – horse riding.

This will be a feat only after 2008 Abhinav Bindra- shooting gold medal. I agree it will be a hard 1 years wait at 2020 Olympics.