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An Indian man kills himself in Dubai – get to know why?

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Yes he is an Indian man. He was found hanging on the tree. And why did he hang himself on the tree? What made him do it? Was it someone who did that for him? Did someone actually kill him?

All these questions have a perfect question. You should definitely read on…..

Now before going to the question of why he hanged himself, we need to answer the question of who is he and what actually led him to take this extreme step!

This incident happened in Sharjah in UAE where most of the trees are artificial and the man hung himself to the tree to give his life away.

A huge team of forensics, CID professionals and ambulance reached the spot. They removed the body from the tree. He had hung himself with the help of a wire.

They took the fingerprints from the all the possible spots in the evidence. This would act as the main proof in finding out the proof, for the root cause of the action that the victim took.

So the basic information about the man revealed that the man was a worker in Sharjh in Sajjah area.

Now the body of the victim is been shifted to a investigation centre. And the police have contacted the deceased.

Presently the police has made the statement that the = death is a ‘suicide’ now. And further investigations will give the right solution to the exact actions that have taken place.

Is it a suicide (as it is for now) or is it some murder? Or is it some form of employer torture?