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Indian market soon witness long-lasting Ecuador roses

Long-lasting Ecuador roses

Bengaluru, Aug 31 (UITV/IANS) - The presence of flowers especially roses in a room offer additional beauty and cheerful appearance. But, roses fade in very less time.
If roses last longer, it will be amazing. Isn’t it?

Fortunately, there are flowers in the world which last very longer. Ecuador roses are one of them which are long-lasting. Roses cultivated and preserved in South American nation Ecuador will get a place soon in Indian market. Ecuador roses are entering for the first time ever.

The speciality of these flowers is no requirement of water; these roses do not require water or sunlight and retain their form for a minimum of one year. Under optimal conditions, the roses can last up to four or five years.
Another interesting thing is colours of roses can be customised to suit unique needs.

ambassador of Ecuador to India Hector Cueva Jacome “We are working on setting up a Centre for Excellency in Agriculture with the help of India, and are keen on expanding our trade basket , as Ecuador offers a privileged location, extended production diversity, great potential in agri-business, fishery, aquaculture, forestry, mining, tourism and services and has a favourable legislation on foreign investment, offers preferential commercial access to different markets and the US dollar is its official currency,” the envoy added.

To improve relations between Indian and Ecuador, the protocol for the establishment of the India-Ecuador Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) was signed in 2015.  JETCO is regarding promotional activities on trade and investment issues and will be meeting once in every two years. So, the people of India will get a chance to decorate Indian homes with long-lasting Ecuador roses in a short time.