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Indian-origin girl Saanya Verma scores high in Mensa Test

Indian-origin girl Saanya Verma

London, March 8 (UITV)- Indian-origin girl Saanya Verma, 11, has scored the maximum possible scores in the Mensa Test that has put her squarely in the top one percentile across the globe. She is a year seven student at a leading independent school in North West London area.

She was awarded a gold certificate and was one of 1,184 children invited to take part in the bonus round. She was one among only 153 pupils who have been thereafter awarded a silver medal. Only 530 pupils out if those that entered the bonus round were awarded the medal.

Mensa is the High IQ society. Mensa was formed in Oxford in 1946 by Roland Berrill, an Australian barrister, and Dr Lance Ware, a scientist and lawyer. The organization later spread around the world.

Saanya said, “I hope that I will find myself in an extremely well established and academic university. I also would love to gather more knowledge and experience and perhaps to follow a career path relating to healthcare, robotics and apace exploration.

Standardized IQ test look for competence in a range of areas. Mensa Supervised test sessions currently comprise two test papers. One is diagrammatically while the other measures largely verbal reasoning ability. A top 2 percent score on either would result in an invitation to join Mensa.