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Indian-origin Kamla Harris wins endorsements from Boxer and Feinstein for US Senate

California attorney general Kamala Harris

California, Oct 7 (UITV)- California attorney general Kamala Harris gathered more support from the Democratic Part with US senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein endorsing her on Thursday.

Harris, the state attorney general, and Sanchez, a veteran congresswoman, are running for the state’s first open Senate seat in 24 years. Both have consistently held up the Democratic leaders as role models throughout the campaign.

The support from Feinstein and the retiring Boxer, whom Harris is trying to succeed in the Senate, is the largest sign of how much of the Democratic Party establishment has rallied behind Harris.

Boxer, who is retiring from the Senate after four terms, described Harris as the perfect choice to succeed her in Washington and carry on her progressive agenda, implying that Sanchez failed to meet that test.

Boxer and Feinstein join President Barack Obama, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the designated Senate Democratic leader beginning next year; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass and California Democratic Party, who has spent more than $500,000 backing her.

“I’m so honored to have the endorsement of these California giants,” Harris said. “Barbara and Dianne have been incredible champions for the people of our state, and I look forward to continuing our work together in the weeks, months and years ahead.”

Meanwhile, Harris and Sanchez had a fierce senate debate on Wednesday as both the leaders argued over several topics including police shootings, rising crime and higher education. With support from popular Democratic leaders, Harris is leading the contest to succeed Barbara Boxer.