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Indian-origin politician announced his support for Theresa May as next PM

The Prime Minister’s Special Infrastructure Envoy to India, Alok Sharma

London, July 4 (UITV)- The Prime Minister’s Special Infrastructure Envoy to India, Alok Sharma, has announced his support to Theresa May to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and the next UK Prime Minister.

During a speech at the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) annual India banquet in London, Alok Sharma said, “the country needs a strong and competent Prime Minister who is internationally respected and able to deliver the best deal for Britain in exit negotiations with the European Union.”

He said Theresa May is the tough negotiator who can get Britain a good deal with Brussels when the talk about Brexit start, which will be next year.

Mrs May is the most experienced of the candidates, shadowing every major policy portfolio apart from foreign affairs and the Treasury in Opposition, and becoming the longest serving home secretary in history by holding the post continuously since May 2010.

“I believe serious time call for the serious candidate. Someone who is very experienced at the highest levels. Someone who is highly competent. Someone who will command respect on the international stage. Theresa has very real experience from the private sector and fantastic experience at the very top of government. She will command respect from Delhi to Dublin, from Brussels to Beijing.” the India-born Mp said.