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Indian-origin professor H. Deep Saini appointed as University of Canberra’s vice-chancellor

Prof. H. Deep Saini

Australia, March 14 (UITV)- Prof. H. Deep Saini, currently Vice-President of the University of Toronto, has been appointed President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra, Australia.

Prof. Saini will take up his new job on September 1, replacing Stephen Parker who stepped down from the role last year after nine year in the job.

Deep Saini, a highly acclaimed plant physiologist who did hid Ph.D. from University of Adelaide said he was thrilled to be appointed and looked forward to returning to Australia, where he spent time as both a student and an academic.

Prof. Saini has outstanding qualification as an innovative leader who has played a leading role at Canada’s top ranked, largest and most research-intensive university.

Prof. Saini appointment is a treatment to the University’s of Canberra’s growing reputation as a leading intuition in Australia for students and academics as he is an internationally experienced university leader and academic.

Chancellor and chair of the University Council Tom Calma said, “His extensive administrative leadership and proven track record as an accomplished agent of positive change under diverse circumstances will help us realise our mission of an ‘Educated Life’, as well as our ambitious campus development objectives.”

Prof. Saini completed his undergraduate and masters degree at the Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana, India, and holds a doctorate in plan physiology from the University of Adelaide. Before joining the University of Toronto, Saini was Dean of the faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Prof. Parker said he was also very pleased to learn of the Saini’s appointement.