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Indian-origin student Vedhant Maharaj wins 2015 Architecture award in South Africa

An Indian-origin student Vedhant Maharaj

Johannesburg, May 24 (UITV)- An Indian-origin student Vedhant Maharaj from the University of the Witwatersrand has won the 2015 Architectural Student of the Year Award in South Africa for developing a safe water purification infrastructure model to clean the Ganga River using Varanasi’s architectural principles.

Maharaja from Wits University became the 29th architectural student to take prize at the Corobrik Architectural Awards on May 11 for his architectural thesis, “Yantra”.

Corobrik managing director, Dirk Meyer, said Maharaj’s offering illustrated how creativity could make an exceptional and meaningful contribution to South Africa’s diverse and multi-cultural landscape.

Maharaj’s co-supervisor, Matsipa said, “I would advise him to continue working and thinking across different scales and location. I believe that he could become a leader in the field, specifically in terms of thinking about water architecture from the global south.”

For nearly past three decades, this award has been presented to young graduate who is on the brink of making a name for themselves in the extremely competitive architectural profession.