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Indian wins Hollywood-based international screenwriting contest

Screenwriting Contests

New Delhi, Sep 29 (UITV)- One of the ways to get noticed by agents and managers – especially if you don’t have many Hollywood connections – is by winning screenwriting contests and competitions. Winning screenplay contests is not an automatic ticket to success, but your work is more likely to be read by potential managers, agents and producers.

A Delhi-based author and screenwriter, Adite Banerjie, is among the top three winners of a major Hollywood-based scriptwriting competition. The Finish Line Scriptwriting Competition announced the three winners of its scriptwriting contest and Banerjie’s drama screenplay titled “Coaching Class” was judged as first runner-up.

The competition is mentored by a host of top Hollywood professionals, including Neal Edelstein, Gloria Fan, Vice President of Fox 21 Productions, Tribeca Productions’ Issac Kaz and Jack Lesile, who produced all the X-Men movies.

Jenny Frankfurt of Finish Line says about Coaching Class: “It is a wonderful script and one I can truly see on the screen. We’re proud that it is one of our top three winners.”

“This contest win is a huge validation for my script writing abilities and I’m positive it will open many doors in the highly competitive screenwriting arena for me.” Banerjie said in a statement.