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Indians are above the International Standards in the following fields

A representational pitcure showing the execution part of the Atomic and Nuclear Physics research.

Ahmadabad. JAN/ UITV. The main foed where is Indian is booming are:

  • Molecular Physics
  • Atomic Physics

It is very well known to most of the people in the world that India is supplier of Intelligence. The only forte that they have acquired in by being brilliant at math and computers.


Now that the professors at other universities throughout the world agree to the point that the research and the projects that the Indians are working are way ahead of the international standards in terms of Nuclear and molecular Physics.


India is leading the world in some of the latest aspects of research and application in the field of atomic and molecular physics and is being seen as a collaborative partner in USA, European, and Chinese space programmes,


India is leading the world in some of the aspects of atomic and molecular physics. In the past Indian scientists used to join as a junior partner, but now they are being brought in as necessary partner because they have the expertise, which the international community needs.


“New techniques developed at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research for analyzing negative ions has become a standard technique in the world with some of its applications being in the space programmes where it is used to understand how molecules are formed in the space and other planets.


The application of the atomic physics research is found in the meteorological department of the government. 


The Indian space community is just as competitive as the European and the US space communities.

So, the international hope is that in the next five years, Europe, USA, China and India will work together on space programmes,


India is developing a process in laboratory that enables to identify molecule in space, and this will be the second such laboratory outside USA. Mason said India’s leadership position requires that it looks out to build and maintain collaborations with Europe, USA, and also with Asian nations.


Many university professors are in Ahmadabad, India to attend the inaugural ceremony of 21st national conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics, a biennial meeting of the Indian Society of Atomic and Molecular Physics.

If you’re around, meet you there.