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Indians are largest expat community in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Indians are largest expat community in UAE

UAE, March 22 (UITV)- Indians constitute the largest part of the population of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE is home of around 2.6 million Indian expats, the largest expat community constituting 30 percent of the total population. A majority of the Indians live in the three largest city of the UAE i.e. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

India and UAE have generally enjoyed cordial relations, partly due to their shared history with the British presence in Asia, and due to the pre-colonial history of trade, commerce and settlement between the two nations.

What makes the Indian in the UAE unique from those settled elsewhere in the world is they know they have to go back to India eventually as expats don’t get citizenship or permanent residency. So they are Indian at heart and Indian by passport.

The contribution of Indians in the UAE growth story too has been immense. Indians emerged as the leading professionals migrants to the UAE in 2014, representing 28 per cent, according to global study.

The large segments of Indian migrants, along with comparatively lenient laws in the UAE have allowed Indian communities to more or less practice their native cultures in the country. The backdrop of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the country, the UAE government decided to allot land for the construction of Temple in Abu Dhabi.

Earlier NRIs in the UAE had no choice but to send their children back to India or abroad elsewhere for higher education. It’s a different story now as UAE as seen a rapid increase in Indian schools and colleges.

Restaurants serving Indian food are very popular and widely available in the Emirates. India-Pakistan cricket matches are widely followed by the Indian diaspora in the UAE.