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Indians in Australia asked to stay cautious of fraudulent calls

Indian High Commissioner Navdeep Suri

Canberra, June 29 (UITV)- Indian High Commission in Australia has urged Indians in Australia to remain cautious of fraudulent calls from unauthorized sources about their Australian visa and immigration status.

Indian High Commissioner Navdeep Suri said that there are some people who impersonate themselves as an official of High Commission or consulate. They have some information about you and they will tell that there was a problem in visa status or in the passport and then ask money.

“These calls are not made by authorized officials from these officials. It may be noteworthy that the Indian High Commission or their consulates usually do not deal with the Immigrant Indians regarding their Australian visa/immigration status,” he said.

The High Commissioner further said that the Australian federal police was already asked to investigate the issue by the High Commission.

“We have already warned Indians about these scams by putting out information on our website and Facebook,” Mr Suri said adding that “we are concerned that several innocent Indians have lost money in these scams and we are aware of these cases. In addition to this it was also giving us a bad name.”

The recent notice put on the website reads that the department of foreign affairs and trade, Australian Government and Australian Federal Police has been informed about these suspicious calls.

“Since, this is a matter concerning Australian visa, it is suggested that the incidents be reported to local police authorities,” it added.