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Indians drown off Moonee beach in Australia

2 Telangana(India) residents drown, 1 missing from Australian beach

Moonee Beach, Dec 19 (UITV) - Indian family have met with terrible accident in New South Wales (Australia), this family has gone there for get together and to have a good time together. But, the accident which has taken place is too much to bear for them.

There were six people, children of Mohammed Ghouse(45) were crying for help while having fun in beach(water). Ghouse, (Ghouse's son-in-law) Junaid (28), (Ghouse's cousin) Rahat (35) have noticed children's crying and three sprung into sea water to help them.

Rescue team has saved three children; the condition of children is stable (according to reports). But, rescue team couldn't able save the people who have sprung into water to help children; they were caught in the currents.

Bodies of Mohammed Ghouse & Rahat have been found, Junaid's body is still missing. The search operation for him was stopped at evening due to low light and was resumed in the next morning.
Two of the three men were from Telangana's Nalgonda district and the other was from the BHEL area in Hyderabad, but all three lived in New South Wales.

“It was like a reunion for them. The families from Sydney and Brisbane had come together to spend holidays together. They had rented a place and were visiting the nearby beach when the tragedy occurred,” Mr Syed Siraj Patel, of the Indian Muslim Association of Australia (IMAA).