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Indians excavated from Saudi Arabia : Indian minister takes the leadership to do the task!

Gen, V.K Singh speaking with Saudi Arabian prince regarding Indian workers

The Indian lower house in the parliament was informed yesterday about the return of 1877 Indian national from Saudi Arabia

Indian Minister of State for external affairs Gen. V.K. Singh was the crucial magnate in excavating Indian people from Saudi.

The minister, in the past as well was responsible to mission in Yemen, where many of Indian workers were stuck.

The main reason for the return of Indian workers was because of the slowdown in the Saudi’s economy. And also the prices of the oil were maneuvered and because of the economy, there was a cut in the government spending.  

Minister Gen. V.K Sing said “The process is still on and we are helping many Indians come back to India”. This was said by the minister in the Upper house of Indian parliament, Rajya Sabha.

The Indians had started coming to their home state from August 11th 2016, after they started losing their jobs.

The responsibility of getting people back to the country solely rests with the states and the external affairs minister has requested all the CMs of the states to do the needful.

The Indian missions abroad and the diplomats working there are helping in getting back the distressed people. Efforts have been made to get back who have lost their jobs. The support given by the embassy include logical support and giving air ticket.

Speaking of the Middle east by the minister of state, he said there won’t be any loosing of jobs due to oil prices and the slowdown in the economy of any country.

The Indian missions in many countries reported that the government in those countries are taking the right measures which are fiscal in nature, to cope up with distressed oil and gas prices.

The Indians who came back to India were not being paid salaries and the no of complaints started to increase in the Indian high commission.