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Indians maintained their culture when reached in Jamaican soil

Two Indian women after reaching in Jamaica in 1845

Kingston, Sep 6 (UITV): Caribbean is a dream land for everyone. People love this place for its multiculture and its amazing natural beauty and when its comes to Indian-ness  then it is an integral part of this region.


Turning the clocks back to a sunny afternoon of May 10, 1845. S.S. Blundell Hunter anchored in old Harbour Bay aboard were 200 men, 28 women and 33 children making  their journey from India, it is recorded that first Indian to set foot on Jamaican soil was a man named Parmeshwar.


Differing in language, religion and culture, they were brought into an entirely new society at once strongly Christian and African, where many of this traditions were seen as strange and even unholy.

Indian wedding in Jamaica

But, they are manage to maintain much of their culture, while leaving their mark on Jamaican foods, music, religion and festival, making a significant contribution to Jamaica’s historical development and cultural heritage.


Written by Ujjainee Chakraborty