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Indo-Canadian Deepak Obhrai seeks leadership of Canada’s opposition Conservative Party

Indo-Canadian Conservative MP and lawmaker Deepak Obhrai and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Toronto, Sep 8 (UITV)- Indo-Canadian Conservative MP and lawmaker Deepak Obhrai has formally submitted his papers for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, saying he will stand up for all Canadians.

The leadership contest to replace former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who left the post after the Tories lost the 2015 national elections to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, will take place in May 2017.

Currently serving as the Dean of the Conservative Party, He has higher goals in mind – why not to succeed former leader and Prime Minster Stephen Harper and give Canadians a taste as to what a visible minority parliamentarian can do in this country.

Obhrai served as parliament secretary in successive Harper government and is known for his significant role in fostering ties between India and Canada. He was even appointed by Harper to represent Canada and Harper himself at the 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka.

“My work in the last 19 years has had me do outreach to do many marginalized Canadians that are not just visible minorities, but also include young Canadians, Francophones, aboriginals and so many more, who feel that their issues are not being fully addressed currently in the Conservative Party,” Mr. Obhrai stated.

It is too early to say the extant of support for Obhrai among Conservative Party members but his candidature is yet another demonstration of the growing political and social importance of the 1.3 million strong Indo-Canadian communities.