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Indo-Canadian Ratna Omidvar named as Independent Senator by PM Trudeau

Indo-Canadian Ratna Omidvar

Canada, March 28 (UITV)- Indo-Canadian Ratna Omidvar, has been named as an ‘Independent Senator’ by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and became the third Indo-Canadian to sit in the Canadian Senate.

After Justin Trudeau became came into power last year, he said he would name outstanding individuals as Senators, he said he will make his decision not because of their loyalties towards their party but because of their contribution to the country.

Ratna Omidvar said he was on holiday in Ottawa when she got a call from PM Trudeau himself who reportedly told her “It isn’t an intermediary. It’s the Prime Minister himself.”

Omidvar is teacher by profession. She is originally from Punjab, India. She first migrated to Iran and then migrated to Canada with her Iranian husband. After working for several years in the Maytree Foundation, she became the founding executive and director of the Global Diversity Exchange at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management.

This is the first time Canadian Prime Minister Has named Independent Senators. Seven Senators were named two weeks back with one of them named as Liberal Senator and Leader of the Senate. This announcement comes in the wake of earlier decision by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to decertify all Liberal Senators who have been for over two years sitting as independents.

After being named as Independent Senator, Omidvar is all excited as this gives her the freedom to vote according to her values and the way she experienced the lives of the people.