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Indo-Canadian wrestlers Tiger Jeet Singh and son made Honorary Police Officers

Tiger Ali Singh, Tiger Jeet Singh, and Halton Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner

Toronto, Oct 3 (UITV)- The Halton Regional Police Service in Canada has named it two Indo-Canadian “wrestling living legends” Tiger Jeet Singh and Tiger Ali Singh as honorary police officer at their recent annual Halton Heroes event.

Police Chief Stephen Tanner welcomed them as “police ambassadors” with the Halton Regional Police in the Regional Municipality which is part of the Greater Toronto area and presented the Tigers with their honorary police officers badges.

Jagjeet Singh Hans, Known better by his ring name Tiger Jeet Singh is an Indian-Canadian semi-retired professional wrestler. He wrestled in the Indian crazed heel style, and was known for his elaborate ring entrances. He was first pro wrestler in Japan to defeat sumo wrestler Wajima Hiroshi.

Gurjit Singh Hans, best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) under the ring name Tiger Ali Singh. He is the son of wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh.

In a statement Tiger Ali Singh said they were humbled over their new status as Honorary Police Officers and police Ambassadors with the Halton Regional Police. “Our new status is part of the Service’s ‘community first’ campaign. In our role as honorary police officers, my father and I will join Chief Stephen Tanner and members of the Halton Regional Police Service in their continued efforts to enhance community safety and well-being across the Region.”

“We are pleased to welcome Tiger Jeet Singh and Tiger Ali Singh to our team as honorary police officers and look forward to partnering with them to promote community safety and wellbeing in Halton.” said Police Chief Tanner.