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An Indonesian reawakening with Amandari

An Indonesian reawakening with Amandari

New Delhi, May 31 (UITV/IANSlife) It's been two long years since Indian travelers have been able to get out there and explore the world. As international borders re-open and summer holidays call on us, it's time to experience a new destination, a destination that satiates all your travel cravings, a destination called Bali.

The Indonesian island has been rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world, for good reason too, it offers something for everyone no matter your age or interest. A magical blend of culture and culinary delights, the island has plenty of activities and nightlife, along with sights to behold and beautiful accommodation.

When it comes to accommodation nothing can beat the hospitality offered by the Aman. The spiritual atmosphere, dramatic landscapes, and renowned community ethos of the Indonesian archipelago serve as inspiration for Aman's five destinations across the island country, each of which tells its own unique story. With the country's borders now open for international travel, tropical discovery awaits, from the captivating coastline of Amankila to the Eden-like retreat of Aman Villas at Nusa Dua, or the breathtaking and natural beauty of Amandari at Ubud.

For a holiday with a difference our pick on the island is luxury resort Amandari at Ubud, Bali's artful and spiritual heartbeat. Amandari is set amid jungle ravines and rolling emerald foothills and paddy fields, it imbibes Bali's artisanal traditions and spiritual life. Amandari, a traditional Balinese village on the edge of the Ayung River Gorge, is presided over by a sacred stone tiger. Winding pathways lead to free-standing suites, and the curving swimming pool mimics the rice paddies below. The resort's location, close to Ubud's artistic centre, invites both reflection and exploration of Bali's cultural heart. The design is influenced by the landscape that surrounds it, with delicate coconut and teak wood accents, that bring the outdoors in.

Walking into the stone gateway front of Amandari's thatched-roof Suites, each of which open on three sides via sliding glass doors to lush garden courtyards and feature coconut and teak wood accents, offers consummate privacy for travelers. For those seeking a little more space, the Amandari Villa surrounded by cascading rice terraces and beautiful views of the Ayung River Valley below, gives an authentic Balinese experience.

Amandari's free-standing Village Suites are accessed via winding pebble pathways, much like a traditional Balinese village. Beautifully envisaged over 220 square metres (2,368 square foot), each surrounded by tropical foliage, with a private garden courtyard and outdoor living area to enjoy. Each suite also has its own sunken marble bathtub, king-sized bed and bathroom with twin vanities ensuring ample space to retreat, whether exploring the cultural heartland of Ubud or simple seeking solace or some quality time with your loved one.

For families the property offers two and three bedroom suites and villas with picturesque views and a private infinity swimming pool, for a peaceful immersion in Ubud's vibrant culture. The separate living room pavilion can be transformed into a second bedroom, and a further third bedroom can be arranged by connecting the Amandari Suite to an adjacent Valley Suite so that friends or families traveling can be close together.

The resort offers many activities and provides curated experiences to help you discover the magic of Ubud and the sights that surround it. If exploration is your thing, early morning an Aman guide will take you north to Mount Batur for a tour of the extinct volcanoes and craters, with picturesque views over the thermal lake, and visit the surrounding temples of the Kintamani Region.

Or start your morning with a trek to discover Bali's countryside with the Aman's expert local guides. Trek along a ridge high above the river, with banyan trees framing views across the gorge, or mountain bike through forests and rice paddies. All on its own with spectacular views, our remote hillside bale is ideal for private picnics.Combine your country walk with a visit to one of the island's indispensable institutions. An Amandari driver will take you to Blahkiuh Market, about 20 minutes from the resort, where you are free to soak up the sights, the colours and the fresh morning air.

Bali's traditions are deeply rooted in holistic healing. This intrinsic spirituality has long appealed to divine seekers and soulful healers, individuals devoted to a mindful, conscious way of life, who in turn further enrich our island paradise. To cleanse and purify your spirit and relax your mind, the resort offers the traditional Balinese blessing is a lovely ceremony which involves offerings, prayers, holy water, incense and bija (consecrated rice) and takes place at the Amandari temple.

The pemangku (village priest) will invoke the gods to witness the ceremony. He will then consecrate offerings of flowers and rice and ask for good health and happiness for you. Guided in prayers, which are offered with flowers held before the forehead, the pemangku will then sprinkle you with holy water and offer bija, which carries the blessings of the gods.

hildren can indulge in a Balinese Dance & Gamelan Class or try their hand at face painting and Balinese Makeup. Little ones dress up in traditional Balinese clothing and make-up and pose for a professional photographs to take home.

The resort offers a temple tour or get a taste of life in Bali with a three-hour visit to Lungsiakan Village, followed by the temple of Gunung Kawi, Sebatu. Ubud is full of interesting and world-famous temples. From Pura Taman Saraswati, in the centre of Ubud, to Pura Tirta Empul, to the lesser known local temples that dot the map, a trip to Amandari means a step into the spiritual Balinese culture.

You can also enjoy a Regenerative Farming experience in partnership with Astungkara Way, a non-profit organisation with the goal to bring Balinese youth back to farming their lands. Connecting with local farmers, guests will learn about subak, a Unesco World Heritage community-based system to manage water and farming that reflects the Balinese principle of Tri Hita Karana, meaning harmony among people, nature, and the gods. The experience takes place in the rice paddies and community garden of Subak Uma Lambing, just a 20-minute drive from Amandari, offering an in-depth insight into regenerative farming methods aimed to restore depleted soil to a healthy state and nurture biodiversity.

Back at Amandari with its idyllic setting the resort is perfectly placed to offer an ambrosial culinary experience that showcases Bali's cornucopia of seasonal produce and unique flavours. The chef handpicks the freshest ingredients from Amandari's own organic garden and local farms, and just-caught seafood arrives daily from the shores of the Indian Ocean. You get to savour authentic Balinese dishes and international fare in The Restaurant, Bar and private Dining Bale, or enjoy private dining in the comfort of your Suite 24 hours a day. Enjoy a Royal Balinese Feast with a menu inspired by the late King of Karangasem, with a diverse selection of regal dishes rounded off with Balinese sweets and sorbet as you enjoy local performance to the strains of the gamelan.

No visit to Amandari is complete without complete indulgence in a rest and relaxation treatment at the Spa. End your day with a traditional Balinese massage, scrub or facial at the Aman Spa which offers an array of treatments, from Aman Signature Journeys to traditional treatments before you turn in the for the night.