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International conference on the Indian diaspora in St. Lucia

Indian workers in the plantation colonies

Castries, Jan 17(UITV) - Indo-Caribbean Cultural Centre (ICC) has planned to organize international conference on the Indian Diaspora in St. Lucia. Indo-Saint Lucians are a minority ethnic group in Saint Lucia whose ancestors came from India.

Usually international conferences on Indian Diaspora take place in countries where large number of Indian Diaspora are present like Trinidad, Suriname..etc. But, this year ICC has planned to organise similar conferences in the smaller islands in the region where Indians have settled since indenture-ship.

The conference which will take place in the month of July concentrate on history, heritage and culture of Indo-St. Lucians. Palmyra and Volga are popular names in Indian ethnic group of Saint Lucia, because those are first and last ships from India Which had carried Indians to Saint Lucia.

Around 4500 Indians had migrated from India to Saint Lucia during indenture period, About 2,075 (46%) workers returned to India and rest remained in Saint Lucia due to poor financial conditions.

Academics, scholars, historians, teachers, tourism and culture workers, and other persons with an interest in the Indian Diaspora will take part in the international conference to discuss about their research findings. There is no entrance fee and open to public.