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International Kite Festival in India

Kites festival, India

Ahmedabad, 23/Nov/2018 (UITV) - The sight of waving wonderful colours in the sky would be an amazing experience, this event takes place every year, Gujarat, India.
What are those wonderful colours?
Kites - In the month of January, people in large numbers gather on terraces to fly kites of various colors to celebrate Uttrayana. Uttrayana is a festival to welcome the sun after the cold winter months.

People enjoying on terraces

Kite competition takes place in almost all major cities in Gujarat, where the people all compete with each other. The kite competition which happens in Ahmedabad is very famous one which is visited from many international destinations. Around 40 countries participate in the competition.

Kites for sale

So, making kites at home is the best way of income to people who are living in Ahmadabad, they setup small shops in their own homes to sell kites. Visitors can utilize the chance to witness a collection of unique kites which are preserved in Kite Museum, located at Sanskar Kendra in Paldi area of Ahmedabad.

Special foods

People enjoy a lot during festive season; Special foods are made to add some more happiness in festive environment. laddoos, undhyu or surati jamun are common sweets in every home which will be eaten over the course of the day.

Kite festival in Ahmedabad

Since 1989, Ahmedabad has provided a platform to master kite makers and flyers from all over the world to demonstrate their unique creations. So, it is a wonderful event which has to be visited and have fun.