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Iranians embrace Nature Day with greenery gatherings

Iran- Nature Day

Tehran, April 1 (UITV/IANS)- Iranians celebrated the 13th day of the New Persian Year, officially called Nature Day, in green environments on Friday.

Iranians moved out of their houses, heading for parks, gardens or countryside to enjoy the company of friends and family members in picnic, Xinhua reported.

As a national tradition since ancient times, people threw away the green sprouts, known as Sabzeh, which had been prepared for the first day of the new year on March 20.

Another popular tradition of the occasion is knotting blades of grass by young unmarried girls in the hope to marry soon, and to express their wish for good fortune in life and love.

While the young girls were singing and knotting the blades of grass, the young boys played games and sports.