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Japan offers endless opportunities to Indians by its language

japanese woman speaking in fluent indian language

Osaka (Japan), June 16 (UITV): The popular perception is that Japanese is one of the most complex languages to learn. However, for Sivashankar Yuvaraj (23) and TM Shanmathi (22) learning the language was not tootoo hard, as the sentence construction and grammar had strik ing similarity to their mother tongue Tamil. The two were among the many takers of the Japanese at Sona College of Technology, Salem, that offers it as a minor course to those in Japan.

Salem-born Sivashankar is a BE Mechanical  Engineering graduate while Erode-born Shanmathi is a BTech ddegree holder in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Initially, I attended a trial Japanese class out of curiosity and started browsing its scope. I soon discovered many interesting facets of working in Japan and developed an interest  in learning theis foreign language. The language requires a lot of hard work to learn, appreciate and master it. this fuelled my interest in learning the language," says Shanmathi, who has been working as a network security engineer with digital musical instruments manufacturer in Japan since january 2019.

knowing the language is necessary as english is not much spoken very much, as a result, language becomes an obstacle, says Sivashankar working as a Modular consultant with a japanese software firm in osaka since July 2019.
It is comparitively simpler to learn the grammar part than learning the writing script Kanji, both add.

"Learning from the natives themselves helps as they have deeper understanding. besides, they can contenxtualise the commong phrases and support people to understand the mannersims in the society, says Sivashankar.

" to learn Japanese successfuly, i religiously abide class notes, revised lessons and attend classes regularly. I performed better as i practised and learnt kanji by absorbing the meaning of each and every stroke used from Youtube. i discussed deeply on it with my Japanese tutor who is a native and that helped me to a huge extent."