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Javadekar asks developed countries to help end poverty

Nairobi, June 27 (IANS)- Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar Friday called on developed countries to provide financial assistance to developing countries for eradicating poverty.

He said sustained and inclusive economic growth is a key enabler for achieving a poverty-free society.

"Sustained and inclusive economic growth is a key enabler for achieving poverty eradication...," Javadekar said at the first United Nations Environment Assembly here.

He added, "The developed countries need to not only urgently fulfil their commitment to provide 0.7 percent of gross national income (GNI) as official development assistance (ODA) for developing countries but also pledge additional and predictable funding considering the ambition levels for post-2015 development agenda."

Emphasising on equity, Javadekar said the principles of "common but differentiated responsibilities" and "equity" must continue to be the bedrock of the ongoing and future global discourse on sustainable development.

"Our efforts to put the global economy on a sustainable path cannot be and must not be on the backs of the poor," he said.

"1.3 billion tonnes of food produced is wasted every year, amounting to over one-third of all food produced.

"The wastage of food at consumer level alone in industrialised countries is nearly as much as the total food production in sub-Saharan Africa.

"All this points towards unsustainable and wasteful consumption patterns in developed countries and makes it imperative for them to take the lead to shift towards sustainable consumption and production patterns," Javadekar said.