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Journey of Indo-Caribbean Americans

Journey of Indo-Caribbean Americans

Guyana, Feb 23 (UITV)- In May 1938, more than half a million people from India sailed across the “Kala Pani” to various parts of Caribbean islands and settled down there as laborers in the sugar plantations. After the immense struggle for their rights they managed to get their freedom in the year of 1917.

Starting from the mid 1960s, the trend of migration immersed again, particularly from Guyana, a lot of people started migrating again to the different part of the USA.

They wanted to expand their horizons in the vistas of education, politics and economics. Therefore, a significant number of communities settled themselves in the Richmond Hill area of Queens in New York. They now identify themselves, as Indo-Caribbean Americans.

Indo-Caribbean Alliance (INCA), a non-profit organization helps the community to raise their voices about all concerned issues. They also monitor the youth educate them about their historical background and help them to take pride in their own ethnic identities. Whereas another organization named Jayadevi Arts Inc (JAI) helped the community to have self-esteem in their historical and political connections by conducting and hosting programs, cultural and art festivals.

It also may be noted that Florida has the second largest population of the Indo-Caribbean in the whole of the United States. The estimated Indo-Caribbean population in the States is considered to be more than 300,000.

The members of the community are able to pay more taxes and contribute more to the economic development. And this is evident from the recent economic report which tells that the household income standards hit about the marks of 65,000 dollars on average which is more than the rest of the New York’s average.

The community regularly draws their sources of entertainment from Hindi songs and films. The most popular festival among the Hindu community there is the Phagwah Parade, which is essentially the celebration of Holi.

The community holds the spirit of pluralism, live together in complete harmony. It is known that there are about 60 Hindu temples in and across the area of Richmond Hills, along with numerous majids and gurudwaras.

The community also celebrates the ‘Indian Arrival Day’ on May 5 with much pomp.