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Kangana Ranaut hits back at Jaya Bachhan after Jaya's statement in parliament

Jaya ji would you say the same thing if in my place it was your daughter Shweta beaten, drugged and molested

Mumbai, Sept 15 (UITV): Kangana Ranaut has given a befitting reply with a hard hitting question to Jaya Bachchan’s recent statement in the Monsoon Session in Parliament after which she passed a zero hour notice to the house. Yesteryear Bollywood actress and MP Jaya Bachchan from Samajwadi party had stated that the entertainment industry needs protection and that the image of the entire industry is being tainted because of a few people, a response to Ravi Kishan’s claim that drug addiction exits in the film industry. Questioning Jaya Bachchan's statement,


Without naming anyone, Jaya Bachchan had taken made a sarcastic comment upon Ravi Kishan and stated, “I am ashamed that yesterday one of our members in Lok Sabha, who is from the film industry, spoke against it. It is a shame. People in the entertainment industry are being flogged by social media. People who made their names in the industry have called it a gutter. I completely disagree. I hope that govt tells such people not to use this kind of language.” To everyone's amazement, Jaya Bachhan did not say a word upon the slur used by ShivSena speaker Sanjay Raut for Kangana Ranaut, neither did the veteran actress speak about shocking demolishing of Kangana Ranaut' office by BMC, an act of vandetta seen nationwide. Soon, Social media also got jammed with people slamming the actress MP for showing biased attitude towards the criminal practices of the film industry.


Now Ravi Kishan responded to Jai Bachchan's attack by saying, "I have complete respect for Jaya ji. Maybe he has not heard my statement completely. Jaya ji knows me and Amitabh ji also knows me. The industry has to be saved. Jaya ji, I have prepared a plate for myself and have eaten in it, I have not eaten or pierced on anybody else's plate. Ravi Kishan insisted he repoened the closed Bhojpuri cinema and made his identity all by his own hardwor and did not rely upon any godfather.

He further said that I have no godfather, I have stood on my own feet. I have started the closed Bhojpuri cinema. I want to say that I have never called the film industry as gutter or drain. I want that you also have children in our industry, my children will also work, youth will come from every corner of the country to make the environment better for them. "


Previously Kangana Ranaut had spoken about drug abuse in Bollywood and had claimed that 99 percent of Bollywood consumes drug on a popular news channel. Drugs in Bollywood has emerged as a hot topic after the Narcotics Drugs Bureau began probing the substance abuse angle in Sushant Singh Rajput's death case.