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Kanyakumari, southernmost tip of India's mainland


TAMILNADU, SEP 19 (UITV): Kanyakumari, the southern most point of mainland India, is a place where three sea’s meet, the Bay of Bengal from the east, Indian Ocean from the south and the Arabian sea from the west. It is one place where you can see both sunset and sunrise within a radius of two kilometre .

Kanyakumari is most famous tourist place in India for its sunrise from the Triveni Sangam. Another most exciting thing about the Triveni Sangam is that it is the only place in India where three seas meet each other i.e. the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. And that is why it is called Triveni Sangam, Triveni means three and Sangam means meeting.

The name Kanyakumari comes from a un-married female diety who is widely worshiped in Southern Indian state of Tamilnadu and has a temple dedicated to her, the Kanyakumari Temple or the Kumar Amman, located on the shoreline of this scenic town.

Kanyakumari is known from beautiful sunsrise and sunset, it might not have velvety beaches but the rock cliffs gives magnificient view of the ocean around. There are numerous temples as well as famous Gandhi and Vivekananda rock memorial situated around the shoreline. A beautiful fishing village hangs around the eastern corner of this township. Numerous waterfalls and natural landscapes are present within 4-5 hours from here.