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Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in India

Kerala backwater

KERALA, AUG 6,(UITV): Kerala is a very beautiful south Indian state with a labyrinthine web of canals, lagoons, lake and estuaries. Kerala is a unique place for us in a houseboat in the famous backwaters, drinking coconut water and eating in a plantain leaf. In the backdrop are the tall coconut trees and lush green nature. Going on a houseboat cruise in the backwaters of Kerala is a dream which requires little effort to make it a reality. Backwaters being the largest freshwater source for Kerala are a rich bed of marine flora and fauna that also embodies a variety of boating options.

Few unpronounceable Kerala Backwaters that are too beautiful:

Alleppey Backwaters - Largest Network of Kerala Backwaters it is the most famous canal networks in Kerala, Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha is a green paradise and our number one choice when it comes to backwaters. The stretch of Alleppey Backwater lies 62 km south of Kochi, nestled in captivating greenery, paddy fields, coconut plantations and beautiful islands. Alleppey Backwaters is a very romantic honeymoon destination for people across the nation as it provides an enchanting environment for couples. Houseboat rides give perfect views like a cluster of birds flying in the backdrop of everything blue and green, and the wooden house floating between the trees.

Kumarakom Backwaters (Kottayam) - It is the Kerala's Largest Lake. For those who seek solace, the cluster of islands in the backwaters of Kerala provides just that and Kumarakom Backwaters happen to be one such place. Snuggled on the biggest freshwater lake in Kerala, Vembanad Lake is a heavenly abode. The stunning backwaters make it a delight watching birds like kingfishers, darters, and turns. It is a great place to have a peaceful walk while the sun sets with a Romantic candlelight dinner.


Kuttanad, Allapuzha - Kuttanad is also known as the rice bowl of Kerala. The unique feature of this backwater is that it lies between land and sea. The view of the lush paddy field is ineffable. It has also adopted an indigenous agricultural engineering technique for agriculture. Indulge in tasty authentic seafood and fascinating local culture. Located in the heart of the Allepey district, this place is famous for boat races that are conducted during September concerning the state festival, Onam.


Kollam Backwaters, Ashtamudi - Presently known as Quilon, the Kollam backwater is the gateway to few other backwaters in Kerala was a prominent trade canter for Portuguese, Arabia, Greece, Rome and China in exporting sandalwood, spices, coir and ivory. Estimated to be the longest backwater in Kerala, this is a must-explore stretch for its natural beauty and boat riding.