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Kerry Katona embarrassed her children

Kerry Katona

London, Sep 7 (UITV/IANS): Singer Kerry Katona seemed to have embarrassed her children by rapping at surprise birthday celebration.

Wanting to surprise their mother, her four children sang 'Happy birthday' as the former "Atomic Kitten" member, who turned a year older on Wednesday, walked into the balloon-covered kitchen, reports mirror.co.uk.

The pyjama-clad Katona, 37, made the most of it by launching into a balletic dance. Then she started rapping 50 Cent's "In da club".

"I'm gonna party like it's my birthday…" she sang, bumping and grinding to the beat.

"You just ruined your birthday song," one of her children can be heard shouting as the rest visibly cringe.

"21 again, 21 again, whoop whoop, let me hear you," she shouts, jumping in the air.

She is mother to Molly, 16, Lilly-Sue, 14, Heidi, 10, Max, 9 and Dylan-Jorge, 3, although there was no sign of her eldest, who has moved to Ireland to concentrate on her studies.