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Khajuraho – The Temple of love


MADHYA PRADESH, DEC 20,(UITV): In google, when you search for Khajuraho and you will find a plethora of erotic images and it is called the Kama Sutra capital of the world. Truth be told, of the many thousands of sculptures adorning the walls of Khajuraho, only 10 % of the statues are erotic. But as far as marketing gimmicks go, it can be called the Kama Sutra capital of the world. Khajuraho comes from Kharjhur (Dates in Sanskrit) and Vahak (Bearer in Sanskrit). It is a remotely accessible town in Madhya Pradesh, central India that is usually swarming with tourists and we had a lot of fun here.

Legend has it that the first ruler of the Chandela dynasty, Chandravarman, was born out-of-wedlock to a beautiful damsel named Hemvati and the Moon-god. Hemvati, who was seduced by the Moon-god, was worried for their child after the Moon-god would return to his abode. As repentance, the god blessed their child and it is believed that this blessing caused the young Chandravarman to become strong enough to fight lions and tigers with his bare hands by the age of 16.

He is also believed to have received a touchstone through which he could turn iron into gold. He was installed the king of Khajuraho and founded the Chandela dynasty; and after his mother’s death, he also began the construction of 85 temples at Khajuraho to wash away her sin.

Mythical legends apart, Chandelas starting from Nanuk in the 9th Century AD, were vassals to the Pratihara dynasty which is credited with withstanding the attacks of Muslim rulers from the middle east. The Chandelas under Yashovarman Chandel declared themselves independent with the weakening of their overlords in the tenth century. They also attributed their lineage to the legend of Chandravarma to gain some divine link to the origin of their dynasty. They were great patrons of art and architecture and the temples at Khajuraho, Mahoba, and Kalinjar stand testament to their passion.