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Khajuraho – The Temple of love

Khajuraho temple

The amalgamation of science, art of architecture and eroticism, Khajuraho is situated in India’s Tiger State- Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho oozes out the passion in the culture, dance, music, eroticism and other creative arts portrayed on the walls and towers of the temple which date way back to 11th century.

This temple was built by the Chandela dynasty and is famous for its ‘Nagara’ style of architecture. The localities of the city believe that this temple was built to be the hub of tantric theology, which conveys that sex is an important part of human life and so is the attainment of “moksha”. Khajuraho is a small reticent village with not more than 3000 populace surrounded by the forestland and is a perfect example of the bold architectural statement which attracts tourists across the world.