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Killarney National Park: ‘Ireland’s Best Day Out’

Killarney National Park, Ireland

Killarney, Feb 06 (UITV) - Killarney National Park is one of the best tourist places in Ireland and it is suitable for all age groups. National park consist of lush mountains, aboriginal forest, walkways, rivers, castles and stately homes, cycle paths and disused mines, golf courses and waterfalls, bat caves, and islands.

In 2015, Killarney National Park was named as ‘Ireland’s Best Day Out’ by The Irish Times in partnership with Discover Ireland.

Vincent Memorial Park

In centre of the national park, there is a Bourn Vincent Memorial Park which was presented to the Irish State in 1932 by then senator in memory of Senator Vincent’s late wife Maud.

Red stag

Native red deer is standing as an unique attraction in the park, it is Ireland’s largest land mammal. The speciality of this deer is, it has reddish brown color in summertime, but in the wintertime it has a darker and has a longer coat.


Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s Highest Mountain offers a challenging climb. So, tourists who are interested in trekking can choose Carrauntoohil to enjoy in their aspect.

Boat trip

Tourists will get chance to witness scenic mountain pass with the help of boat Trip from Lord Brandons Cottage to Ross Castle on Lakes of Killarney. Don’t forget to make a wish standing on the ‘Wishing Bridge’, according to folklore wishes come true! if people make a wish standing on it.

Torc Waterfall                                                                       
Torc Waterfall is just 5 miles away from Killarney; it is one of Killarney’s gems. There are so many places  Killarney National Park is the most scenic, historic, accessible, varied, taxing, relaxing, so don’t miss to visit this place while you are in Ireland.